Jan Herman Linge’s 100th anniversary – a special event in Norway

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Linge Memorial and Open Norwegian Championship for Yngling and Soling (August 19 – 21, Oslo).

This year it is the 100th anniversary from Jan Herman Linge. As one of the world’s most important boat designers, this must of course be celebrated.
This is done by the three medal winners from the Olympics in Sydney 2000, meeting for a rematch on the Soling: Jochen Schüman, Jesper Bank, and Herman Horn Johannessen. They will sail the rematch on Sunday 21 August, on the waters in front of the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club – KNS.

In addition to this, the Open Norwegian Championships for Soling and Yngling will be held on Friday and Saturday. In connection with this celebration, the site of KNS will be used as a gathering place for sailors and the public. We hope many will take the trip to KNS this Sunday to see this historic rematch and celebration.


Thursday, August 18:
Friday, August 19:
Saturday, August 20:
Sunday, August 21:

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Open Norwegian Championship
Open Norwegian Championship
Olympic rematch – 100 years Jan Herman Linge