News from the AGM 2020

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held on the 2nd October, 2020.

This was the first AGM held via web conference with participants from Australia, Austria,
Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Unites States. Some of the key topics

The first New Yngling since 2013 has been built and is measured. IYA subsidies up to three new
boats with € 5’300 each. We do this to “get the stone rolling“ and to gain experience with today’s
widely used construction technique (infusion method) and building materials (vinyl ester). We
expect price advantage and longevity, but not performance advantage. To proof this, performance
tests will be carried out under the lead of the Technical Committee next year.

Our communication system is web and print based. The IYA website is our official
communication channel, the IYA FaceBook has content from the website and local contributors.
Instagram puts emphasis on pictures and videos.

The International Yngling Magazine now contains articles with a “longer half life“. For example,
in the 2020 magazine we had an interview with a former Olympic sailor who now also sails
Yngling – best advertisement for our class! In future, premium articles shall also appear on the
website, together with the International Regatta Calendar, which will be updated regularly.

The forthcoming international regattas are:

  • Spring Time Regatta in Riva del Garda, Italy, June 4 – 6, 2021. The last one took place in 2017
    with 15 boats only. We want to try a revival at this wind safe and prestigious place and hope for
    good participation.
  • Open Worlds Berlin, Germany, July 24 – 31, 2021. The 2020 quotas, applications and youth
    boat admissions will be carried forward to 2021.
  • Open Worlds Koper, Slovenia, July 22 – 29, 2022.

The Executive Committee has two new members, Adam Tran (AUS), Secretary and Amalie
Hallager (DEN), Social Media Officer. Chris Harper, Mattias Dahlström and Rimmert van der
Kooij were no longer available or their term had expired. A big thank you to Chris and Mattias,
who served the class for decades – and to Rimmert who has defined our communication strategy
and well taken care of our social media.

The Technical Committee was in the last few years understaffed. We are happy that Chad Lewis
(USA) and Ronny Ronnhaugen (NOR) have joined and Peter Carter (AUS) has rejoined the

Chris has done very much for the publicity and appearance of the class. We want to honour this
with the Chris Harper Trophy for Publicity. It shall be awarded to the ones who did most in
terms of promotion of the class. Details will follow soon, the trophy shall be awarded first time at
the forthcoming Worlds.

The protocol of the AGM shall be published by end of October on the IYA website.

Walter Baumgartner, October 14, 2020