The Chris Harper Trophy for Publicity

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Chris Harper (Australia) has served the Class for decades and has done a lot with respect to publicity and appearance of our Class. We want to honour his engagement with the “Chris Harper Trophy for Publicity” to be awarded to those who showed outstanding engagement in the promotion of our Class. The Trophy will be awarded for the first time at the forthcoming Worlds. 


  • Promote and further the interest in the Yngling class, be it within the class or externally 
  • Recognise promotional activities and encourage further promotional activities


  • The promotional activity is in implementation or has been successfully carried out
  • Self-nomination or nomination through others is possible
  • The jury will be the IYA Executive Committee
  • The award is a perpetual trophy, to be awarded annually at the Worlds for one winner or winning team
  • Nomination deadline is 8 weeks prior to the first race day of the Worlds
  • Nominations must describe:
    • > list of people who participated in the promotional activity
    • The objective of the activity
    • Its content (if applicable)
    • Its progress and impact
We look forward to promising and successful examples!