The new Yngling is almost finished

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The new Yngling is almost finished. The hull is ready and measured, currently the fittings are mounted at the Mader wharf in Germany. The Yngling family can look forward to the first boat since 2012.

The new owner, Jürg Wenger from Switzerland, says: „I have ordered the boat not because I need a new one, in fact I already own a good boat. I did it, because the class needs new boats to move forward. And being a “boat tuner“, I have fun in building and equipping a top boat. The related discussions with experienced sailors and boat builders were exciting and an experience per se. And if the class succeeds to get more attention with this boat, so that younger sailors also become aware of the Yngling, then we have achieved something.“

The new boat was made of vinyl ester applying infusion technique. We expect price and longevity advantages, but no performance benefits. The Technical Committee will carry out performance tests by comparing the new boat with other top boats. The new boat will be shown publicly at the Swiss Nautic boat fair in Berne, Switzerland, from February 10 – 14, 2021. Mabe you want to come and see?