Update around Corona and the season

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Corona is impacting all our activities, but sooner or later Corona will disappear. The organising team of the Worlds (Yachtclub Berlin-Grünau, German Yngling Association and IYA) is closely mo-nitoring the situation. We follow the recommendations of World Sailing as well as of the German authorities and will act accordingly.

Worlds Berlin 2020

We continue to focus on delivering the Worlds. The entry portal is open now (ynglingwm2020.com). Please provide a list of the crews endorsed by your National Yngling Association to the Race Officer Jan Prockat () and Petra Schutt (). Each crew shall register and pay directly. In the case of a cancellation of the Worlds, the entry fee (€ 450) would be repaid in full.

Youth boats also pay the full participation fee, but get half the fee (€ 225) back from IYA via their NYA by August 15 at the latest. Please mark Youth boats clearly in your entry list.

Springtime Regatta Riva

Yngling Austria, the organiser of this traditional regatta, has informed me, that the regatta will not take place in 2020. We hope for next year.

Annual General Meeting

This will be held on Sunday July 19, at 18h in the premises of the Yachtclub Berlin Grünau. The agenda will follow in due time.

New Yngling

“Build New Yngling“ has been a topic since quite some years. To get this initiative rolling, the Executive Committee has decided to provide three grants of € 5’300 each.

The grant rules are:
– the grants will be given within the next 24 months; boats must be ordered by March 30, 2022 latest
– one grant per NYA, but max. three grants, assigned on first come, first serve basis
– prospective buyers can apply for the grant via or with the help of their NYA, the buyer must be an active regatta sailor
– the NYA must have bought at least 25 boat stickers in 2020/21
– the grant is awarded even if fewer than 3 interested parties register
– the grant recipients participate in at least three national ranking regattas and provide experi-ence reports in the first two years

If everything goes well, a first new boat will be shown at the Worlds in Berlin. The new Ynglings can be built using Vinyl ester resin rather than “ordinary Polyester resin“. World Sailing has gran-ted a dispensation for three new Ynglings, if they are built with Vinyl ester. For questions, please contact Christian Dylla, head of Technical Committee (). Applicants for a grant please contact me.

I wish you a good start to the season and stay healthy.

Best regards

Walter Baumgartner