Update Worlds – Status from IYA ExCo

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Dear sailors,
These are challenging times for all of us. Many are challenged by the pandemic to the core of their existence, some have friends or family in hospital or even mourn their loss.
As Executive Committee of the IYA we look after the interest of our sailors, our class and our sport. 
Sailing may seem insignificant in the light of things, but it can also bring distraction and relieve. Some of us are fortunate enough that they are allowed to sail with relatives, others need to wait before they can enjoy their passion again. 
It’s our goal to support you all and give some light at the end of the tunnel. 
Talking in sailing language, we feel strongly about not giving up until you pass the finish line. Wind shifts, lulls, gusts, storms, we deal with them and keep our eyes on the goal. Adapting quickly, looking for opportunities, keep on fighting until the end. That’s how you come out as a winner. 
We are a nimble and flexible class, with the majority of our sailors in Europe and Berlin close to the core. Thus, we want to keep options open as long as possible, to give us that light at the end of the tunnel. 
Even though every passing day makes it more likely the Worlds need to be cancelled, as long as there is hope, we want to keep that option open. The Berlin Club and German Class have graciously given us time to monitor how the winds around us change before we make the final decision. 
We have worked on a few scenarios, to be announced around the end of May:
1 – a full Worlds, with financial guarantees by the IYA (not very likely)
2 – a reduced Worlds, or Europeans, same time and venue (not likely, not all Europan and overseas sailors may be able to join)
3 – International Autumn Regatta in Berlin, Oct. 2 – 4; shall be a true Europeans or the replacement of the Springtime Regatta Riva 
4 – full Worlds in July 2021 in Berlin – Worlds in the true sense of the word
The sooner we can start sailing again, the better. The 2020 Yngling Regatta Calendar provides a lot of opportunities, see Yngling Magazine, p.18.
We wish all of you the strength to stay positive, to spot the wind shifts and come out of this as well as you can. 
IYA Executive Committee