Yngling invests in its future

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In 2004 and 2008 the Olympic sailing competitions for women were held on the Yngling. The Olympic teams then sold their boats, so that the need for high-quality regatta boats was initially met. After interest in the Yngling boat class has increased again in the past two years, especially in Germany and Switzerland, the call for new boats has become louder and louder. That is why the International Yngling Association (IYA) started the “Build New Yngling” project.

So far, the Yngling has been built from polyester using the hand laying process. In today’s boat building, infusion technology and mostly vinyl ester are used as building materials. This makes the boats much more resistant to osmosis. Vinylester, however, deviates from the Yngling building regulations. At the request of IYA, World Sailing issued dispensations for the construction of three vinyl ester boats.

The IYA wants to start the construction of new boats and thereby get meaningful results whether the new construction method and the new material affect the boat properties. It therefore grants a financial subsidy for these three boats.

The first new Yngling is currently being built. The client is a Swiss sailor. He has been a Yngling sailor for many years and himself has a lot of knowledge in boat building. The boat is built by the Maderwerft in Germany and will be well equipped. The experience gained with the Olympic boats will be decisive in equipping the boat. Further potential buyers are welcome to contact me. Walter Baumgartner